Our sugar cookies are always made with real butter and pure Neilson-Massey vanilla. All our sugar cookies are hand crafted in-house to give an artistic touch to your sweet treats! They are great as gifts, for office parties, business promotions, birthdays, weddings or a sugar fix!



Perfect for office promotions, marketing strategies, birthdays, place cards or favours. These sugar cookies are a great way to add a personal touch! We turn your photos into an edible sweet treat. Send us your image as a JPEG to get started!



These sugar cookies can be found in our retail space throughout the year during every holiday. Our classic sugar cookies have a marble design using colours unique to each holiday.



Our custom sugar cookies are designed with you and your inspirations in mind using your event invitations, fashion influences or pictures. These cookies make great bridal party proposals, wedding favours, stocking stuffers or any gift.

We would recommend sugar cookies be ordered in advance including our classic or boxed cookies. We do ask for at least 1 week notice for all sugar cookie orders. This may be subject to change around holidays or availability. If you have any questions or would like to send in your JPEG for an inquiry about an edible image please email If you would like more information or a quote please fill out the request form below.